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Dos2unix again!

I've not used this command in years and had of course forgotten it, so I'll note it here again to find it quicker next time. Conversion of DOS format text files to unix format, with sed - change CRLF to LF.

sed 's/^M$//' in.txt > out.txt

For the '^M' type Control-V then Control-M.

Linux/unix security auditing scripts "Lusas"


This is a collection of command line security auditing scripts for Linux/Unix. 
Originally by Sean Boran in 2000, with a few improvements over the years.

Auditing the security of an existing Solaris system can be time-consuming, and often requires on-site visits. There are several commercial tools and a few free ones that help, but they can be complicated and require local compilation or configuration.

So a tool was developed with the following aims:

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