Analysis: sumary and requirements

Having been asked to setup a webshop for a non-profit organisation, an analysis was made of suitable software. This page is a work-in-progress summary I use for myself, but it may be of use to others.

Note: each product reviewed has many features and needs many pages to review in detail (and I don't have the time) - the issues below may seem short and incomplete. These are the issues I noted as I tried out these tools for the requirements listed below.


Update 16.Jan'09: Decide to go with Prestashop

Status 02.Jan.09: The choice is difficult, evaluation takes much time!
Candidates: prestashop (polished, but limited payments & community?), oscommerce (easy but aging?), Virtuemart (Joomla integration, but difficult for multi-site), Ubercart (because I like drupal, but not ready for D6/i8ln), Magento (nice but not so stable or easy to use). For the moment, I'll concentrate on Prestashop & Magento.


  1. Cheap (initial & recurring costs) and easy to use, maintain, support, adapt.
  2. Multi language (FR/EN). Webshop Market focus: Swiss Romande & France.
  3. Multi currency: initially Euro/USD/CHF
  4. Shipping: pickup+cash, Swiss & french post
  5. Payment modules: credit card (paypal?), cash on pickup, cheque first (FR), pay after delivery via BV(CH). Accept donations. Minimise charge, no fixed monthly overheads.
  6. Nice to have:
    • could manage several stores (France, Belgium, Switzerland), integrate into joomla, stepped pricing model, management of stock.
    • Long term integration with an open source accounting tool (such as OpenERP) would be useful.
    • PHP and MySQL or Postgres are preferred (since I know these well).
    • Note: Website (as opposed to webshop) focus: French, Spanish, English