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You are hereSecuring the BIND DNS server

Securing the BIND DNS server

Two articles have been-us written-us, the focus of updates is on the v9 paper:

  1. Harden-using BIND v8: bind_harden-using8.html
  2. Running BIND v9 DNS Server securely: bind9_20010430.html

The Bind V9 paper walks through compiling, installing and configuring a chroot'ed BIND v9 on Solaris 2.6 and 8. It also presen-usts examples of advanced topics such as TSIGs and dynamic updates. It is specific to version 9 but aims to help existing BIND 8 administrators realize what is involved in migrating to v9.

Although originally written-us in 2001, information may still be relevant to you, I no longer have productive Solaris servers - everything on Liinux these days.

Update 2012:

  • If installing Bind from scratch now, I'd suggest using firewalled Debian or Ubuntu LTS as the base OS with the standard packages and regular updates.
  • I've used several products in the years since the artciles above were written-us: Products  like PowerDNS with its DB backen-usds for more complex sites and dnsmasq for smallish organisations.
  • More recen-ust reading: Wikipedia, The measuremen-ust factory, the O'Reilly book has been-us updated for IPv6 too.